MIF – Korea Cooperation: Training And Sourcing Of Skilled Labor

Recently, International Communications & Financial Investment Joint Stock Company (MIF) had the opportunity to welcome a delegation of Korean business clients.

Cooperation for mutual development

An important milestone in bilateral cooperation, International Communications & Financial Investment Joint Stock Company (MIF) – a pioneer in the Mekong Delta operating in the field of training and supplying foreign workers, had the opportunity to welcome a delegation of Korean business partners. It has never happened before, when the Korean representative personally visited directly with the desire to lead the long-term cooperation with MIF. This is also a testament to affirm the prestige and brand of MIF in the international labor market.

Unione Joint Stock Company spent a lot of time discussing many jobs and visiting facilities as well as interacting with trainees at the MIF Human Resource Training Center. The partners highly appreciated the qualifications, skills, behavior culture of students and teaching methods of the teaching staff here.


Mr. Le Quoc Truong – General Director of MIF Company (wearing gray shirt) and representative of Unione Joint Stock Company to bridge between enterprises in Korea and Vietnamese workers

In the near future, MIF plans to officially deploy Korean and English training in addition to Japanese, and at the same time cooperate in training and supplying skilled labor in accordance with the needs of the Korean market.

hinh3mif va cong ty co phan unione xuc tien moi quan he hop tac song phuong

MIF and Unione Joint Stock Company promote bilateral cooperation

Development orientation and many attractive policies for workers in the Korean market. This place promises to open up many new opportunities for workers in Vietnam. This is also an advantage for MIF to develop and breakthrough its potential in new markets.

Beliefs and expectations for each other


MIF is urgently fulfilling all criteria in the field of human resource fostering. In addition to the success in the Japanese labor market, MIF continues to explore its potential in the Korean market, contributing to helping workers have jobs suitable for their capacity and high income in the land of kimchi.

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